Current Projects

New Office Building.  We moved into our newly completed building on May 14th.  It is located at 7806 Croyle Avenue adjacent to the Croyle II wellhouse.  This building has been needed for years since all of our employees have been working out of their own homes and our records and equipment have been scattered in those places.  Now we have consolidated all of our records and equipment and all our employees can be in one place.  We will continue to have our monthly Board meetings at the Fire Hall.  We did not think putting a large meeting room into our new building was cost effective.  If you would like to vist us, please do.

Colonial Pine Hills Sanitary District Launches a New Website! Let Us Know What You Think!

Working harder to better serve and communicate with our community we have launched a new website for our water customers.  Check it out and let us know what you think.  Subscribe today!