Current Projects

The District has begun a four year project to replace all of our water meters.  We will be using a Kamstrup ultrasonic water meter that is read thru radio signals generated by a small transmitter located in the meter itself.  Reading will take place in a vehicle driving by the home.  The current meter we are using uses a mechanical measuring device that is subject to clogging with debris.  The new meter contains no moving parts and water usage is measured by sound waves passing between two sensors.  We anticipate a more accurate reading.  We will be making these changes over four years in phases.  We have 29 meters completed as of 2/17/2020.  We will notify residents by letter when your home is ready for the transition.  

Colonial Pine Hills Sanitary District Launches a New Website! Let Us Know What You Think!

Working harder to better serve and communicate with our community we have launched a new website for our water customers.  Check it out and let us know what you think.  Subscribe today!