Current Projects

The District has begun a four year project to replace all of our water meters.  We will be using a Kamstrup ultrasonic water meter that is read thru radio signals generated by a small transmitter located in the meter itself.  Reading will take place in a vehicle driving by the home.  The current meter we are using uses a mechanical measuring device that is subject to clogging with debris.  The new meter contains no moving parts and water usage is measured by sound waves passing between two sensors.  We anticipate a more accurate reading.  We will be making these changes over four years in phases.  We have 369 meters completed as of 10/28/2022.  We will notify residents by letter when your home is ready for the transition.  

GPS Mapping & Asset Management

At its September 2021 Meeting the Board of Trustees approved funding for a project to identify all of assets (Hydrants, Isolation Valves, Curbstop Valves, etc.) and map their GPS coordinates so that we have the capability to improve our mapping.  The funding allows for the purchase of a new computer system that is compatible with GIS software and a handheld GPS receiver along with a Tablet for the Field Worker.  Currently, we are using 10 to 15 year old maps that were not accurate in asset location at the time of their printing.  This project will allow us the opportunity to vastly improve our location mapping and allow us to find assets when covered with snow.

We have equipment and software on hand and we are now actively mapping our District.  We have begun on Croyle Avenue and will expand from there as we get the hang of using the equipment.  We are getting satellite coordinates for all hydrants, isolation valves and curb-stop shut-off valves.  We will be assigning attributes to each item in addition to the latitude, longitude and elevation, such as manufacturer, date of installation, etc., along with photos.

Colonial Pine Hills Sanitary District Launches a New Website! Let Us Know What You Think!

Our website has the latest information concerning our water system.  If you don't find what your are looking for, please call 605-348-3113 and we will either help you find it or try to include it with the next update.  Thank you.